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Assault rifle and pistol: The video of an American couple pointing their weapons towards demonstrators to move them away from their vast home provoked splintering reactions on Monday. It was retweeted by US President Donald Trump.

The man and woman walked barefoot on Sunday evening in their garden in St. Louis, Missouri, as protesters marched through their private street to protest outside the town hall.

The 63-year-old man, a lawyer like his 61-year-old wife, said he was “terrified” in an interview with a local TV station. “A crowd of at least 100 people destroyed the historic wrought iron gate at Portland Place,” their private street where several large mansions are located.


They “rushed to my house, where my family was dining out, and made us fear for our lives,” he told KMOV4. “We were alone in front of an angry crowd,” he continued. “This is private property. There are no sidewalks or public streets. ”

Donald Trump retweeted the video of the white American couple without comment, pointing a semi-automatic rifle and a handgun at predominantly black protesters.

The sequence outraged many Internet users and was made fun of. The St. Louis city attorney said she was “concerned” that “peaceful protesters were greeted with guns and a violent assault.” “We must protect the right to peaceful protest,” she said, announcing that she is investigating with the police and the witnesses.

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