Armed Pair is justified for assault rifle action


The lawyer see the couple that was with a pistol and an assault rifle at the “Black Lives Matter”-protesters, supposedly stands on the side of the activists. The lawyer of the couple claims. However, the device self-criticism.

The man with the assault rifle, the woman with a gun: So were Mark and Patricia McCloskey on Sunday in the U.S. city of St. Louis (state of Missouri) drawing on past the end of the demonstrators of the “Black Lives Matter”movement, which is fighting against racism. A Video of the scene had for outrage ensured. You can see it above, or here. Now the two of them about their lawyer-align: just a miss understanding, actually, they were on the side of the protesters.

“You support the message of ‘Black Lives Matter'”

“The most Important thing for the two is that this image (will not be collected with the weapons) from people who are against the ‘Black Lives Matter’message,” said her attorney, Albert Watkins.

In the Statement it says, the Anger of the McCloskeys had not directed against the peaceful demonstrators. “On the contrary, they supported their message.” You would only want to defend against the few protesters that would have placed a “menacing aggressiveness” of the day. “Mr. and Mrs. McCloskey have acted on your property, which is located in a closed-off private road in the city of St. Louis, legally. Their behavior stemmed solely from fear, which had nothing to do with race,” writes the lawyer’s office, on behalf of the couple. In fact, the unrest had been white the founder. “The ‘Black Lives Matter’movement will remain, it is the right message, and it is time,” wrote Watkins.

The personnel of the Prosecutor himself, however, is subject to criticism: Twitter Users pointed to the Website of the law firm of Kodner Watkins. It’s about the work experience Albert Watkins’, he once defended a white elementary school Director successfully against the accusation of sexual misconduct against ten African-American third graders. The head teacher had been cleared of all charges.

In another case, Watkins defended a police officer against the charge that he had entered into a sexual relationship with a female ward, and have taken with your cocaine. Watkins obtained a coercive detention for the young woman. In the case of a statement under oath which was recorded on Video, the woman finally on Watkins’ pressure a confession: that The allegations were false. The Video circulated in the Internet later. The young woman committed then suicide. Watkins represents the case on his Website as a success.

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