Amazon Prime video: an extension to watch a program with several people


The extension is currently only available in the United States.

Streaming platforms were particularly stressed during containment. But the impossibility of meeting friends or family has also prevented many people from continuing to watch series and movies in streaming. This is why Netflix had proposed an extension to overcome the problem, Netflix Party. A few months later, it’s Amazon’s turn to offer such a solution with Watch Party.

The extension therefore allows Amazon Prime Video subscribers to watch a program with others and remotely. Watch Party can gather up to 100 spectators at the same time. They can comment on what is happening on their screen in real time, in order to simulate a real cinema session with friends.

Amazon Prime subscribers must start a Watch Party and invite friends to join them via a share link. The instigator of group viewing is the only one who can manage the playback of the series, film or documentary and it is imperative to be subscribed to Amazon Prime to join a group session.

The functionality is compatible with a hundred content offered on Amazon Prime Video. The original contents of the platform can obviously be viewed by several thanks to Watch Party. However, movies available only for VOD purchase are not compatible with the extension.

Currently the extension is only available in the United States and only on a computer, but it can be expected to roll out in multiple countries in the coming weeks. A few months ago, Amazon had already integrated such functionality on its Twitch stream platform. Streamers could broadcast movies and series from the streaming service on their channel via Watch Parties and watch them with their subscribers. The only requirement to participate was to have an Amazon Prime subscription.

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