Airbus group announces the elimination of 15,000 jobs, including 5,000 in France


The European aeronautical giant employed 49,000 people in France.

The restructuring promised to be massive. The Airbus group announced Tuesday evening June 30 the abolition of 15,000 jobs worldwide by the summer of 2021, stating its wish “to adapt its workforce to the Covid-19 crisis”. The European manufacturer plans to cut 5,000 jobs in France, 5,100 in Germany and 1,700 in the United Kingdom.

These job cuts should almost exclusively affect the group’s commercial aviation branch – also present in defense, space and helicopters – as well as several subsidiaries such as the French Stelia Aerospace or the German Premium Aerotec.

For several weeks, Guillaume Faury, the group’s executive chairman with 135,000 employees, including 81,000 in his commercial aircraft branch, has warned that the crisis caused by the coronavirus epidemic was putting the “Airbus survival”.

“The scale of the Covid-19 crisis for our sector requires Airbus to adapt. This adaptation in fact means a significant reduction in the size of our business. After decades of uninterrupted growth, it is a real test. It forces us to bitter decisions “, he wrote in a letter to the employees.

The Airbus group has 49,000 employees in France, 45,500 in Germany, 12,500 in Spain and 11,000 in the United Kingdom. The job cuts would therefore concern more than 10% of the total workforce. The Defense and Space branch of Airbus, facing a difficult market, already announced in February a restructuring plan providing for 2,665 job cuts.

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