After new sanctions: Venezuela expels EU ambassador


Venezuela’s President Maduro expelled the Ambassador of Brussels in response to EU sanctions against his country. The EU previously banned eleven Maduro loyalists from entering the country and imposing financial sanctions.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has expelled EU ambassador Isabel Brilhante Pedrosa from the country. The senior diplomat had 72 hours to leave Venezuela, said Maduro.

His approach was obviously a return carriage for the EU’s announcement a few hours ago that it would impose financial sanctions and entry bans on 11 faithful Maduros. One of the victims is Luis Eduardo Parra Rivero, who is arguing with opposition leader Juan Guaidó over the claim to the office of President of the National Assembly.

Maduro railed against the support of EU officials for his rival Guaidó. He was ready to organize a return flight for the EU delegation, even if air traffic was largely suspended in the middle of the corona pandemic. If the EU does not respect Venezuela, then it should just leave the country, added Maduro.

Sanctions meanwhile against 35 Maduro loyalists

The EU imposed the new punitive measures on attempts to deprive Guaidó of his post as parliamentary leader. The sanctioned politicians are not allowed to enter the EU and their possible assets in the European Union are blocked.

Guaidó and Maduro were involved in a bitter power struggle for a year and a half. The opposition leader had declared himself the transition president of the South American crisis state in January 2019. It is officially recognized by around 60 countries, including the United States, Germany and other EU countries.

Overall, the European sanction has now imposed sanctions on around 35 Maduro loyalists with the new measures. Despite massive pressure from Washington and the devastating economic situation in Venezuela, Maduro remains in power. The leftist head of state has, among other things, the military behind him, but also support from Russia and China.

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