A couple of attorneys threatening with their weapons to the protesters ‘BlackLivesMatter’ that they wanted to storm your house


Mark and Patricia McCloskey you are a couple of lawyers in St. Louis (Missouri, USA), that yesterday the authorities aim their guns with a pistol and a submachine gun at demonstrators participating in a march of the movement ‘Black Lives Matter,’ to pass right in front of his mansion. The incident occurred in the neighborhood of Forest Park, about six in the evening of last Sunday, as reported by the Daily Mail.

The marriage, which is dedicated to advocacy in the field of personal injury, he came out armed from his house to observe that the members of the march broke through a gate in the neighborhood, according to NBC News. The purpose of the McCloskey was, apparently, to keep them out of your property to the protesters.

In the video, you can see a man pointing a gun at the protesters who marched in Portland Place, a private road in St. Louis, Missouri.

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