60 years of Congo independence: the commemorative plaque inaugurated in Ixelles contains faults in Dutch (photos)


The Brussels municipality of Ixelles must already replace the commemorative plaque that Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès (MR) inaugurated on Tuesday morning to mark the 60th anniversary of the independence of the Congo. The plate indeed contains faults in Dutch.

If that is not giving the Flemings the stick to beat …?!“, David writes to us, via the orange button Alert us, outraged by the faults of Dutch visible on the plaque commemorating the 60 years of independence of the Congo. Ixelles apologizes for “the controversy that seems to have arisen over certain spelling mistakes in the Dutch version of the commemorative plaque”. She regrets this situation and will install a new corrected plate as soon as possible, probably Friday.

The Dutch translation contains several errors such as “het 60ste verjaardag” (in place of ‘de 60ste verjaardag’, editor’s note), “ingehuld door” (in place of ‘ingehuldigd door’, editor’s note) and “Burgmeester van Elsene” (in place of Burgemeester ‘, editor’s note). “We apologize to those who interpreted these clerical errors as disrespect, which is absolutely and of course not the case”, said the municipality of Ixelles. Spelling mistakes would have been spotted by an attentive reader of our colleagues from BX1.

Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès (MR), Brussels Minister-President Rudi Vervoort (PS) and the bourgmestre of Ixelles Chirstos Doulkeridis (Ecolo-Groen) inaugurated the new commemorative plaque on Tuesday morning after King Philippe expressed his “deepest regrets “ in the Congo for the atrocities committed during the time of colonization. The Prime Minister said that “suffering of the Congolese people “.


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