20 minutes – Swiss offers employees CHF 1,000 to quit


Cabin crew

According to reports, anyone training to become a flight attendant at Swiss has received an offer: 1,000 francs for those who cancel on their own initiative.

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Flight attendants in training at Swiss should receive CHF 1,000 for voluntary termination.


The financial blog

The financial blog “Inside Paradeplatz” reports citing insiders.


Actually, the employees should not speak publicly about this offer, the report goes on to say.

Actually, the employees should not speak publicly about this offer, the report goes on to say.


  • Those who voluntarily quit receive CHF 1,000 from Swiss.
  • According to an insider, the offer applies to flight attendants in training.
  • Swiss currently has no need for new training.

Swiss is currently forced to cut jobs massively. The airline is now trying to get employees to quit on their own initiative. Flight attendants in training have received an offer according to the financial blog “Inside Paradeplatz”: 1,000 francs if they leave voluntarily. According to an anonymous insider, people are not allowed to speak publicly about the offer, the report says.

The offer affects 80 people, as Swiss writes on request of 20 minutes. “If a data subject does not agree to the termination agreement, the contract will continue to be maintained.” Every effort will be made to prevent dismissals.

Reduction among younger employees

The airline has also confirmed to the blog that it is targeting the lowest employee levels when it comes to job cuts – in other words, for employees in training. In the current situation, it is hopeless to offer prospects to graduates without flight experience who have not yet completed their cabin crew training.

In the airline business, seniority is typically seen as protection against dismissal – so it hits the youngest employees first. Due to the current surplus, Swiss says it currently has no need for training at all.

The persons affected by the termination of the contract were granted a 36-month right of re-entry. As soon as Swiss needs cabin personnel again, they could then return directly to a basic course without a new selection process.


Swiss is to be supported with emergency loans of around CHF 1.3 billion. Nevertheless, the airline is threatened with job cuts, as the media reported in early May. In order for the company to receive a state-guaranteed loan, it presented a business plan with austerity measures. There is room to reduce the cost base by 15 to 20 percent. For this, layoffs are essential. In total, 1500 to 1900 of 9500 jobs would have to be deleted in order to achieve the goal.

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