20 minutes – Mysterious bug prevents him from using his laptop



A family in York has been experiencing network problems with their laptops since last week. Salt, the operator, says he is not aware of such a concern.

Customers seem to have trouble communicating with their laptops.Keystone / Peter Schneider

“My natal uses me as a professional tool and I don’t have a landline phone. I cannot contact a client and worse, I regularly practice an outdoor activity and in the event of an accident, I cannot even reach the emergency services if necessary! ” Since Wednesday June 24, Alexandra, her husband and her son cannot use their respective portable to communicate. Impossible for them to receive a phone call or make a call, including emergency. After trying to turn on and turn off her smartphone several times, Alexandra decides to go to the Salt store in Yverdon, but the cause of the concern remains unclear: “Tout what Salt told us is that they are changing the antennas and that the failure may have come from there. ” The client also confides that several people seem to be in the same situation.

According to Elvira Bruggmann, spokesperson for Salt, there was indeed a change of antenna in Yverdon which caused a temporary problem, but the latter has been resolved since then. At the same time, 2G coverage has been permanently deactivated in the region. However, the injured customers have rather recent devices. This does not explain the bug. The mystery remains, even for the spokesperson. The latter does not fail to specify that it may possibly be responsible for transmitting the problem to customer service for analysis, as long as it has the numbers of the people in question.

Very little for Alexandra. She explains that she has already contacted customer service herself. To date, it remains without news. “I went back to the shop … I am confirmed that the problem is still not resolved and that they do not know how long it will take. The seller explained to me that they had had 200 to 300 cases in recent days and that there was no point in ironing. ”

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