20 minutes – From its balcony, 55 nights of concerts and a “hurting” fine



An Onex resident gave voice to brighten the semi-containment. Neighbors ended up cracking.

“You sang” I am not a hero “but that is not true. You are truly a modern day hero. ” Such outpourings of love have been raining since May 10 on Lino Musico’s Facebook page. Living in Onex, the 65-year-old artist made his neighborhood dance every night at 9 p.m. during semi-containment. From his balcony, he gave 55 concerts, coupled with multicolored laser shows. “I sang a song every night in tribute to a profession affected by the crisis. For the police, I opted for “The doors of the penitentiary”, smiles Lino. It was great. ”

Fine of 950 francs

Not everyone in the neighborhood agreed. To the point that several neighbors called the police on the evening of the interpreter’s last concert, on May 9. Balance for Lino: fine 950 francs. “It hurts,” laments the Onesian. The police complained that he had played music on the public highway and organized a demonstration. “Each evening I had a small audience, ten people. But I have not planned anything, “defends the interested party. According to the police, the recurrence of his little shows makes Lino partially responsible for the crowds. The last evening, around twenty people were under his balcony.

Giant aperitif

“I have nothing to reproach myself. Everyone was happy, “said the fine. He therefore disputes the log. Her fans have already announced that they will help her. In a bar where Lino often sings, a piggy bank awaits donors. “A lot of friends also send me small sums. My goal is to drop the fine and organize a music super aperitif with money. “

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