20 minutes – Android will indicate the true reason for an incoming call



To help fight spam and fraud, Google’s Phone app has verified calling functionality for businesses.

Businesses can authenticate their phone numbers and verify their calls. (AP Photo / Silvia Izquierdo)


The Google Phone app has been updated to include a new feature that aims to get in the way of scammers. Called Verified Calls, it allows the user not only to know the identity of the companies that call him, as it is today thanks to the numbers listed on Google Maps, but to also the reason for the phone call.

Activated by default, this new feature aims to “avoid scams and fraud”, explains Google on a support page. This will allow the user to see the identity and logo of the companies that are trying to reach them and that have authenticated their phone numbers to Google. The Phone app will also display the reason for the incoming call on the screen with a message such as “planning your internet installation” or “meal delivery”, following the examples given by the web giant.

Google says that once the verified call is made, the firm will delete the recipient’s phone number and the reason for the call from its dedicated servers within a few minutes. The Mountain View company also notes that calls not displaying a verification badge are not necessarily spam. “The call may have come from a registered company that did not provide information for verified calls,” she said.

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