1: 5 bankruptcy against Sandhausen! HSV (Hamburger SV) clearly misses relegation: The 2nd Bundesliga in TICKER for reading


In the 2nd Bundesliga, there was a duel between HSV and Sandhausen on the last matchday. Here you can read the complete lot in the TICKER.

Again no promotion, again everything is in question: Hamburger SV failed miserably in the second attempt to return to the Bundesliga. The team of coach Dieter Hecking again missed the minimal goal of relegation after a long desolate appearance in the 1: 5 (0: 2) against SV Sandhausen on the last match day of the 2nd Bundesliga. A mistake by 1. FC Heidenheim in Bielefeld left the Hanseatic unused.

Instead of the former Bundesliga dinosaur, the little FCH now challenges favorites Werder Bremen in the duels for a first division ticket. And in Hamburg, after the second fourth place in the final accounts, the personnel discussions start again in a row.

An own goal by defender Rick van Drongelen (13th) to 0-1 quickly made the task for the Hanseatic team even more difficult than feared. The hosts were visibly shocked, the second Sandhaus hit by Kevin Behrens (22nd) caused complete uncertainty in the favorites. With a penalty from Aaron Hunt after video evidence (62.), the HSV was back in the game – until Behrens made the decision with a penalty (84.). Mario Engels (88.) and the former Hamburg Dennis Diekmeier (90. + 3) increased the result in the final phase.

Hecking had demanded strength of character from his team before the game in order to take the last chance. The bitter last-minute bankruptcy in Heidenheim (1: 2) should be out of your clothes. But only the first few minutes were right. Goal scorer Joel Pohjanpalo indicated his danger by direct acceptance (5th).

The SVS presented itself as toxic and well staggered as freezing cold in the exploitation of opportunities. And the HSV subsequently acted headless, at a loss, completely unsettled. Hecking switched from three to four in the defense and brought with Bakery Jatta another offensive man for the painfully replaced van Drongelen (36th), Sandhausen missed further top chances.

Hecking had another opportunity to shake his team up during the half-time break. And with the hit from Hunt suddenly the tension was palpable again. For HSV, the fight against the clock became increasingly nerve-wracking – with a poor outcome.

Hamburger SV – SV Sandhausen 1: 5 (0: 2)
Gates 0: 1 van Drongelen (13./ET), 0: 2 Behrens (21.), 1: 2 Hunt (62./FE), 1: 3 Behrens (84./FE), 1: 4 Engels (88. ), 1: 5 Diekmeier (90. +3)
HSV list Pollersbeck – Gyamerah (24th, Vagnomann), Ewerton (46th, Ambrosius), van Drongelen (36th, Jatta), Leibold – Dudziak, Jung, Fein – Hunt – Harnik (46th, smock), Pohjanpalo

SVS list

Fraisl (90., Wulle) – Diekmeier, Zhirov, Kister, Verlaat, Paqarada – Linsmayer, Taffertshofer (72., Frey) – Biada (72., Türpitz) – Scheu (78., Engels), Behrens (90., Bouhaddouz )

yellow cards

Shy (73.)

It was a day in the history of Hamburger SV, which is certainly not a holiday. With a 1: 5 home defeat against a team that is actually poorly staffed, the HSV remains fourth and again misses the promotion to the Bundesliga. Above all, there was a lack of passion and the absolute will to use this last chance. This game could have been decided at the break, as Sandhausen left out a few possibilities. In the end it is a well deserved defeat!

HSV (Hamburger SV) vs. SV Sandhausen in the LIVE TICKER: WHISTLE

90 ‘+ 3’ And now it’s over!

TOOOR! Hamburger SV – SV Sandhausen 1: 5 | Goal scorer: Diekmeier

90 ‘+ 3’ It gets even thicker for the Hanseatic League! Ex-HSV captain Dennis Diekmeier of all places still hits and sticks the arrow a little further through the hearts of Hamburg.

HSV (Hamburger SV) vs. SV Sandhausen in the LIVE TICKER: CHANGE

90 ‘Sandhausen make another double change: Kevin Behrens is replaced by Aziz Bouhaddouz.

90 ‘Martin Fraisl is off the pitch. Rick Wulle is now between the posts.

TOOOR! Hamburger SV – SV Sandhausen 1: 4 | Goal scorer: Engels

88 ‘ At the latest now it is clear that Hamburg will also be represented with two clubs in the 2nd Bundesliga in the coming season. Denis Linsmayer has an eye for Mario Engels, who starts half-left, who then stays calm and slides in from 14 meters.

86 ‘ Is that already the decision in the fight for relegation? Now there are two goals again, which are necessary for third place.

TOOOR! Hamburger SV – SV Sandhausen 1: 3 | Goal scorer: Behrens (FE)

84 ‘Sandhausen restores the old gap! Kevin Behrens sinks the ball flat in the right corner.

83 ‘ After a foul by Josha Vagnoman on Philip Türpitz, there is a penalty for Sandhausen.

HSV (Hamburger SV) vs. SV Sandhausen in the LIVE TICKER: CHANGE

82 ‘Next change at HSV: Gideon Jung makes way for David Kinsombi.

78 ‘The home team are replaced by Mario Engels for Robin Scheu.

HSV (Hamburger SV) vs. SV Sandhausen in the LIVE TICKER: YELLOW CARD

76 ‘Denis Linsmayer is late in the duel with Jeremy Dudziak, brings him down and consequently sees the yellow card.

76 ‘ The final phase begins. Sandhausen continues to defend very passionately. A great achievement from a team that is no longer about anything.

HSV (Hamburger SV) vs. SV Sandhausen in the LIVE TICKER: YELLOW CARD

73 ‘ Shortly before the end of the final quarter of an hour, Frank Willenborg is yellow carded for the first time. Robin Scheu sees this after a foul on Stephan Ambrosius.

HSV (Hamburger SV) vs. SV Sandhausen in the LIVE TICKER: CHANGE

72 ‘The strong Julius Biada has come to an end. Philip Türpitz comes into play.

72 ‘Sandhausen make a double change: Marlon Frey replaces Emanuel Taffertshofer …

71 ‘ The HSV still has 20 minutes plus stoppage time to score the perhaps decisive second goal.

69 ‘ Sonny Kittel plays a fine pass in the run of Jeremy Dudziak, who runs half-left in sixteen to the baseline and is looking for a customer. However, Joel Pohjanpalo is blocked well and cannot use the cross pass. Still a good attack by the Hamburgers.

66 ‘ Can Sandhausen continue to stand up to the hosts, who are now certainly more courageous, and take the lead over time? You will hope for it in Heidenheim!

65 ‘ The world now looks a little different again! Another hit would mean relegation. The fans can hope again …

TOOOR! Hamburger SV – SV Sandhausen 1: 2 | Goalscorer: Hunt (FE)

62 ‘And now the connection goal falls! Aaron Hunt hammering the ball from the point to the right angle. You have to shoot it like this.

62 ‘There are penalties for HSV. The huge chance of the connecting goal …

59 ‘ Aaron Hunt finishes in the opposing penalty area, but is knocked down. Bakery Jatta also falls over after contact. After a tip from Cologne, Frank Willenborg looks at the whole …

56 ‘ When does the HSV increase the number of strokes and the risk? There is still more than half an hour to work out the chance for the Bundesliga.

53 ‘ Kudos to Sandhausen, who shows a highly concentrated and clean performance and deserves to be in the lead.

51 ‘ Hamburg wants the goal, but the ideas are still missing. Bielefeld has now increased to 3-0 and will probably score three times. Hamburg will probably be enough one point …

48 ‘ It will be interesting to see how HSV will start in the second half. Now there has to be a reaction.

HSV (Hamburger SV) vs. SV Sandhausen in the LIVE TICKER: CHANGE

46 ‘ Double change at HSV: Martin Harnik makes room for Sonny Kittel …

46 ‘ … and Ewerton can also take a shower. Stephan Ambrosius comes into play for him.

HSV (Hamburger SV) vs. SV Sandhausen in the LIVE-TICKER: START OF THE 2nd HALF

46 ‘It continues! The second round is running.

Dieter Hecking has a lot to talk about during the half-time break. He already had to change twice due to an injury and can therefore no longer make as many changes. Now he has to grab the boys by the honor. Since Bielefeld still leads 2-0 against Heidenheim, HSV could move into the relegation with a draw.

Anyone who thought HSV would show a different face after the 1: 2 bankruptcy in Kiel was wrong. A frighteningly weak performance that results in a 0-2 break. With a bit of bad luck, it could have been 0: 3, then the dream of climbing would be over after 45 minutes.

HSV (Hamburger SV) vs. SV Sandhausen in the LIVE TICKER: HALF TIME

45 ‘+ 7’ And now there is a break in Hamburg, where the guests show more passion.

45 ‘+ 5’ Sandhausen again does without the favorite’s neck. Kevin Behrens comes to the left in the penalty area after a flat shy cross from the right to the end. Somewhat hastily, he does not hit the ball properly and shoots it clearly over it.

45 ‘+ 4’ A final offensive looks different. It’s just not enough what Hamburgers throw in here …

45 ‘+ 2’ We are already in the second minute of stoppage time. There is a total of five minutes on top.

Source: imago images / Witters
45 ‘ Martin Harnik comes after a Leibold corner from the left in the center of the box to the header. The Austrian just missed the goal, the ball sails half a meter past the right post.

43 ‘ The last minutes are already in run one. It doesn’t look like a follow-up goal.

40 ‘ Another big chance for Sandhausen: Julius Biada always has an eye for Kevin Behrens, who makes good walks. This time Behrens comes to the right from 14 meters to the end, but shoots the game device two meters to the right of the goal.

38 ‘ We are now entering the final phase of this first half. Should Hamburg shorten before the break, then the relegation is within reach again.

HSV (Hamburger SV) vs. SV Sandhausen in the LIVE TICKER: CHANGE

36 ‘ Second change in the home side: Even for Rick van Drongelen it doesn’t go any further. He leaves the place in pain. With Bakery Jatta comes a physically strong and fast player who can fuel the offensive game.

33 ‘ Rick van Drongelen lies on the floor and screams loudly. The Dutchman doesn’t seem to be able to continue. The game is interrupted …

31 ‘ Players like Aaron Hunt and Jeremy Dudziak need to bring their creative skills to the pitch. The creative department has so far hardly existed.

29 ‘ It’s a tough first half hour for all fans of the Hanseatic League. The 0: 2 must at least be turned into a draw. According to the current status, this requires two hits. It doesn’t look too good …

26 ‘ The hosts still have too few ideas. Sandhausen manages to close almost all gaps by moving it well. The storm peaks Harnik and Pohjanpalo are totally in the air.

HSV (Hamburger SV) vs. SV Sandhausen in the LIVE TICKER: CHANGE

24 ‘First change at HSV: Jan Gyamerah is unable to continue due to injury. Josha Vagnomann comes into play for him.

TOOOR! Hamburger SV – SV Sandhausen 0: 2 | Goal scorer: Behrens

21 ‘Unbelievable, the guests are releasing! It’s Kevin Behrens again, who breaks away from Rick van Drongelen at the right moment and then runs towards the goal half-left. Julian Pollersbeck comes a few steps out of the box, but Behrens never gets nervous and coolly pushes into the right corner. The pass comes again from Julius Biada.

18 ‘ Thanks to the league leaders’ standings, the chances of the Hamburg team have increased despite the deficit. The players will have noticed. It may take some pressure off your shoulders.

16 ‘ Goals have now also been scored in Bielefeld. The Arminia leads with goals from Klos (14th minute) and Voglsammer (17th) with 2: 0. Should the HSV equalize, they would at least be third for the moment.

18 ‘ Goals have now also been scored in Bielefeld. The Arminia leads with goals from Klos (14th minute) and Voglsammer (17th) with 2: 0. Should the HSV equalize, they would at least be third for the moment.

TOOOR! Hamburger SV – SV Sandhausen 0: 1 | Goal scorer: van Drongelen

13 ‘The ball fidgets in the net, the guests cheer! Julius Biada sees Kevin Behrens start in the penalty area and crosses precisely from the left side. Rick van Drongelen is correct, but cannot prevent Behrens’ goal. The ball hits the right corner from eight meters. Now it’s getting really exciting!

10 ‘ Even after just under ten minutes, the teams cannot go beyond good approaches. In Bielefeld it is also still 0: 0 …

8th’ Sandhausen offers only a few gaps in this initial phase. Even if an early lead goal would play into the cards for HSV, it currently looks like a test of patience.

5 ‘ First good attack by the home side: Jan Gyamerah prevails on the right outer lane through quick first steps and brings the ball halfway up to the center, where Joel Pohjanpalo lurks. The Finn puts the ball in reserve under slight pressure but on the right over the box.

3 ‘ In the first few minutes, neither side succeeded in building a controlled game. Many long balls are hit, but they come back just as long. The hamburgers, who play from right to left, are trying to take the book in hand …

HSV (Hamburger SV) vs. SV Sandhausen in the LIVE TICKER: START

1 ‘And now the ball is rolling. Let’s go into the last game day.

ONLY GERMANY HSV Hamburger SV Aaron Hunt 2. Bundesliga

Source: Imago Images
Before beginning | Referee Frank Willenborg will lead the game together with colleagues Tim-Julian Skorczyk and Tobias Endriß. We hope for an intensive but fair encounter.

Before beginning | It starts in a good quarter of an hour. The mood should rise slowly in one or the other. Today the last decisions of the season are made …

Before beginning | Even today you miss the noisy spectators in the Volkspark Stadium. With their own fans behind them, big tasks have always been accomplished in football history.

Before beginning | Dennis Diekmeier, after all ex-captain of the Hanseatic League, is supposed to prevent the home attack. The now 30-year-old ran a total of 184 times for the traditional club.

Before beginning | There is a fourth duel of today’s opponents. Hamburg went off twice as the winner last season, but had to live with a 1-1 draw in the first leg.

Before beginning | Sandhausen is 12th and, with a little luck, could end the season in tenth. Surely the guests will not give away this game …

Before beginning | The Hamburg go 4th in this last matchday. Heidenheim is only one point behind. With a home win you would still have to look to Bielefeld, where a draw of the promoted player against Heidenheim would be enough. Should the Baden-Württemberg lose, one point is enough for the HSV.

Before beginning | It has been clear since yesterday that Werder Bremen, a traditional club from the north, is fighting in relegation for another Bundesliga season. The HSV wants exactly these two games, which now wants to finally take the step back to the German upper house.

Before beginning | His opponent, Uwe Koschinat changed his starting eleven in three positions compared to the 0-1 home goal against Dresden: Zhirov replaces Nauber in the defense. Taffertshofer starts for Frey in the central midfield and Behrens should regulate in the attack. Bouhaddouz takes a seat on the bench.

Before beginning | After the painful 1: 2 defeat in Heidenheim, Dieter Hecking made two changes in defense: For Letschert and Beyer, Fein and Ewerton moved into a chain of three.

Before beginning | Welcome to the 2nd Bundesliga to meet the 34th match day between Hamburger SV and SV Sandhausen

HSV (Hamburger SV) vs. SV Sandhausen: The lineup

This is the list of the HSV:

Pollersbeck – Gyamerah, Ewerton, van Drongelen, Leibold – Dudziak, Jung, Fein – Hunt – Harnik, Pohjanpalo

Bank: Heuer Fernandes, Kinsombi, Narey, Kittel, Moritz, Hinterseer, Jatta, Vagnoman, Ambrosius

  • 2 changes at HSV compared to 1-2 in Heidenheim: Ewerton and Fein play for Letschert (not in the squad) and Beyer (5th yellow card).
  • Injured Ewerton is only in the HSV starting eleven for the fourth time this season. So far, the Hamburg team have not won with him from the start (2 draws, 1 defeat) and conceded 6 goals.
  • Timo Letschert is missing due to an inner ligament injury in the knee. In the last 18 games he has always been in the starting eleven of the HSV, most recently missing on November 29 at 1-2 in Osnabrück.

Sandhausen relies on the following list:

Fraisl – Diekmeier, Zhirov, Kister, Verlaat, Paqarada – Linsmayer, Taffertshofer – Biada – Scheu, Behrens

  • At Sandhausen there are 3 changes after the 0-1 against Dresden: Zhirov, Behrens and Taffertshofer play for Frey, Bouhaddouz (both bank) and Nauber (shoulder injury, not in the squad).

HSV (Hamburger SV) vs. SV Sandhausen in the LIVE TICKER: The Opta facts before the game today

  • HSV lost none of the 3 second division games against Sandhausen (2 wins, 1 draw). Only against 1. FC Köln did the SVS compete more often in the lower house without winning (6 times).
  • Crash at the wrong time: Hamburger SV was previously not in one of the first 3 places only after matchday 1 (then rank 7, today place 4).
  • Sandhausen’s Dennis Diekmeier played for HSV from 2010 to 2018 and completed 184 competitive games for the Hanseatic League, but remained without a goal.

ONLY GERMANY HSV Hamburger SV 2.Bundesliga 21062020

Source: imago images / Jan Huebner

Who shows / broadcasts HSV (Hamburger SV) vs. SV Sandhausen live on TV and LIVE STREAM today? All information about the transmission

HSV against Sandhausen today …

on TV Sky Sport Bundesliga
in the LIVE STREAM Sky Go / Sky Ticket

The 34th matchday is played in the 2nd Bundesliga today. In a separate article on our site, you can find out where the duel between HSV and Sandhausen is going live on TV and LIVE STREAM today.

ONLY GERMANY Amaechi Dudziak Hamburger SV 2020

Source: Getty Images

HSV vs. Sandhausen live: The preliminary report on the promotion race – “Finale” around the relegation: Heidenheim wants to use “pole position”, Hamburg hopes for a spot landing

Coup from previous outsider 1. FC Heidenheim? Precision landing of the stumbling favorite Hamburger SV? The race for the relegation site is full of excitement.

Noticeable excitement? Or even restless nights? Not with Dieter Hecking. Before the probably dramatic finale of the remote duel around the relegation place, the experienced coach of the Hamburger SV exudes calm and serenity. “No, I didn’t dream of it,” said Hecking, whose team has to hope for a mistake by 1. FC Heidenheim.

Failure would be nothing more than a sporting disaster for the fallen HSV – but Hecking is emphatically sober. “If we can do it, we deserve it. If we can’t do it, we don’t deserve it,” said the 55-year-old seasoned coach, whose team on match day 34 of the 2nd Bundesliga saw SV Sandhausen on Sunday (3:30 p.m.).

At the same time, the FCH would have to drop feathers with Arminia Bielefeld. But the former outsider is fighting wildly for the greatest success in his club’s history. His team wanted to use the “pole position”, said Heidenheim coach Frank Schmidt on Friday: “It is the last day of the game, for us it’s all about. And we have 90 minutes and until the last second of stoppage time, the game for us to decide. ”

Schmidt smiled slightly after his small allusion to the late 2-1 win against HSV last Sunday, who suddenly reversed the signs in the duel between the two opponents. If the FCH wins, it’s sure to be through. If Schmidt’s team gets a point from the fixed promoted team from Bielefeld, the Hanseatic people need a victory to pass by. If the current third party loses on the pasture, Heckings HSV can still reach the decision games for the Bundesliga ticket with one point.

But Hecking does not want to do such arithmetic games. “I will ask the team to show strength of character and win the game,” said the HSV coach, who had moved to the Elbe before the current season. Previously, HSV had carelessly gambled away the promotion at the end of its first second division season. If there should be another chance, the Hanseatic players want to grab it.

Hecking is pretty sure that Bielefeld will make it difficult for the Heidenheimers despite the long-term goal. “I can’t imagine you putting your legs up,” he said. This is also how Schmidt feels. “Bielefeld has been unbeaten for 15 games, the absolutely legitimate champion,” said the FCH coach. The theoretical chance of even finishing three points and eleven goals better for VfB Stuttgart in second place does not matter in Schmidt’s thoughts. He has the relegation in view.

Source: SID

HSV (Hamburger SV) vs. SV Sandhausen in LIVE TICKER: The Bundesliga duel at a glance

  • Game: Hamburger SV) – SV Sandhausen
  • Whistle: 3.30 p.m.
  • Place: Volksparkstadion, Hamburg

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