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public figures must also be vaccinated first (Expert)


#Dr. #Tayeb #Hamdi, a health policy and systems researcher, presented, in an article based on expert suggestions, his proposals for a successful awareness and communication campaign about the coronavirus vaccine. #This is for citizens who are still hesitant or reluctant to get vaccinated. #As well as to refute the claims and misconceptions about the vaccine.

#Dr #Hamdi says that in order to build confidence in the vaccine, doctors and healthcare professionals must be fully involved. #This, as well at the level of the executives of the public sector, who maintain a daily and continuous relationship with their patients and their families; attending physicians; family physicians than general practitioners who are very close to their patients and in whom, according to studies, the population has great confidence in their advice and recommendations.

The expert adds that the expected benefits of vaccination must be clear. The benefits of the vaccine should be demonstrated and citizens should be well informed about the level of safety and security of vaccines. #This should be reinforced by the results of scientific studies and clinical trials rigorous. #And this, in full transparency, without trying to deny any side effects, potential or recorded.

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#Concerning those who are reluctant to vaccination, #Dr #Hamdi assures us that a communication campaign targeting them should not be based on fear and the “terrible” consequences of non-vaccination. #This is counterproductive, according to the expert. #Thus, it is best to focus communication on the positive aspects and the benefits of vaccination.

#Emphasis must also be placed on the values ​​of solidarity and altruism. #To address vaccine-reluctant people, communication should focus on the benefits of their vaccination, the importance of their contribution to protecting their families and loved ones and protecting the most vulnerable in the population. #We must also emphasize their contribution to the collective immunity strategy to get the country and the whole world out of this health crisis. and allow a rapid return to the normality of social life, a schooling without disruption and an economic recovery guaranteeing jobs and sources of income for families. “#Targeting young people is an essential condition”, underlined the specialist.

#In this regard, #Dr #Hamdi specified that it is necessary to idealize the return to normality, to “the life before”. #And this, by recalling the simple but profound aspects of life before the pandemic, devoid of barrier measures and restrictive territorial measures. #It is about emphasizing the simplicity of this life, with its social, family and individual opportunities, and working to accelerate a return to normalcy as soon as possible, through the acquisition of immunity. collective through vaccination.

#For #Dr. #Hamdi, among the keys to a successful campaign is the vaccination of leaders, politicians, decision-makers, influencers, athletes, artists, journalists. #And this, from the start of the campaign, even if they are not among the priority groups. #This is not a search for privileges or patronage, but rather an encouragement of citizens to widely and rapidly adhere to vaccination, by strengthening confidence in the vaccine.

The campaign should target health professionals themselves, he insisted. #Even among these professionals there are reluctant and hesitant with whom scientific communication should be established to counter misconceptions, stereotypes and prejudices about vaccination. #Physicians are professionally, ethically and legally obligated to provide their patients and the public with recommendations based on the latest scientific findings and recommendations from health and medical authorities, and not on their own convictions.

#We should also ensure that the vaccine is free and facilitate equitable access to vaccination for all citizens. #And this, wherever they are and whatever their conditions. #Thus, the act of vaccination should be made as easy as possible, without obstacles or too many formalities, except those related to patient safety.

#Dr #Hamdi also stressed that all measures should be taken to monitor vaccines and vaccines, monitor actual or potential side effects and communicate regularly with the public on this subject. #And this, in order to build and consolidate trust between citizens, vaccines and the health system.

The practitioner concluded by stating that the communication and awareness campaign should be launched and accelerated before the vaccination campaign itself. The earlier the communication campaign, the greater the support of the population, he assured.


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