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Samsung is working on a motorized and invisible selfie camera

#Samsung is reportedly working on a technological innovation for its next #Galaxy S range: a front camera completely hidden under the screen. #But with a little subterfuge compared to its competitors.

#Concept of a possible #Samsung #Galaxy S with a camera under the screen // #Source: #LetsGoDigital

The #Galaxy S21 is not yet there that we are already talking about its successor. #According to the site #LetsGoDigital, which flushed out a patent obtained on #December 24, #Samsung is working on an innovative selfie camera for its range.

#If it was still embedded in a punch, it would now be hidden under the screen. #Better yet: it would totally disappear when the camera is inactive.

A sub-touch screen to hide the camera

#In #June 2020, #Samsung filed a patent application with the #World #Intellectual #Property #Office (WIPO) for its total screen concept with camera in a punch. #It will consist of a double sensor and a flash. The camera is covered like an internal mechanism in the smartphone in the form of an integrated pop-up when not in use.

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#Interesting thing with the technology initiated by the #South #Korean: we have a screen on the front and a sub-screen below comprising the camera. #According to #LetsGoDigital, it is on this sub-screen, located in a transparent area at the top of the device, that the time, notifications or the battery status would be displayed.

#When reassembled, the camera is thus hidden. #As soon as the latter is activated, the sub-screen moves down and the photo or video is taken through the transparent area. The camera could also be partially “unmasked” as needed (iris recognition, for example).

Representation of the camera system under the screen on the possible Samsung Galaxy S22

#Representation of the camera system under the screen on the possible #Samsung #Galaxy S // #Source: #LetsGoDigital

#After consulting the documentation accompanying the patent obtained, the #Dutch site spotted the appearance of additional features on the power button, on the edge of the smartphone. #This could allow manual control of the subscreen when needed. The sub-screen is a touch-sensitive surface and can also be activated with the finger in the same way that the top menus for options, notifications, access to parameters, etc. are lowered on smartphones.

Management of the sub-screen on the possible Samsung Galaxy S22

#Management of the sub-screen on the possible #Samsung #Galaxy S // #Source: #LetsGoDigital

#This could notably allow the sub-screen to be used to display notifications. #Clicking on them would then open on the larger main screen. The sub-screen would also be compatible with the #Samsung S #Pen of the #Galaxy #Note, which is however announced at the end of its life.

A cleverly thought-out hidden camera

The #South #Korean is not the first to want to remove the space occupied by the camera on the screen. #Xiaomi has already presented a concept. ZTE even unveiled the #Axon 205G, the first official model with camera technology under the screen. #But the latter’s prowess did not ignite the crowds and photo quality remains approximate, according to early observers. #Above all, the camera remains visible under certain display conditions despite a special film used to hide it as much as possible.

#On the side of #Samsung, the thinking seems quite different. #By opting for a transparent area that a sub-screen occupies to hide the camera, the #Asian giant does not compromise on quality. The module would always take advantage of the incoming light for its photo sensor, making it possible to maintain a high image quality and not of a camera hidden by the panel and a film which makes it disappear as much as possible.

#It remains to be seen when this new technology will appear. #Samsung likes to advance its innovations on its #Galaxy A range. #But most likely it seems to be patiently waiting a little longer to possibly see the next #Galaxy S, flagship of the brand, to be equipped with it. #But it won’t be until 2022 at the earliest.

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