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Hospital needs: for the first time, an overrun of dedicated capacities is likely

#In its report on hospital needs, the #National #Institute of #Excellence in #Health and #Social #Services (INESSS) predicts, for the first time, that an excess of dedicated capacities within the next three weeks is likely for #Montreal and its nearby regions (zone 1). #This is a risk of more than 50%.

The increase in planned new hospitalizations continues to progress markedly. #Projections predict a significant increase in bed occupancy in the coming weeks.

#For the other regions (zone 2), the number of new hospitalizations projected remains relatively stable. #Almost 60% of designated beds for COVID-19 patients are still occupied, and planned limit exceedances still cannot be ruled out in some hospitals.

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The risk of an increase in outbreaks in hospitals remains a major concern and could reduce the flexibility of affected hospitals, indicates INESSS.

#Regarding the risks of hospitalization, the report shows that among the new cases confirmed during the week of #December 21 to 27, the increase in the number of cases observed for several weeks continues, with an increase of 5% of new cases compared to the previous week (15,242 versus 14,556).

#Compared to mid-November, the increase in cases is relatively similar for all age groups, except among the youngest (0-17 years) and among those 80 and over, where it is less marked.

#Finally, the number of planned hospitalizations remains high, just like the previous week (678 versus 666).

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