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Control of Life, even more simplification for 2020

#As part of the measures adopted to help limit the spread of the #Covid 19 pandemic, CDG #Prévoyance in charge of the management of the CNRA and RCAR, is adapting its annual control system for the year 2020. life of the beneficiaries of its services.

#In fact, relying on its institutional partners, CDG #Prévoyance carried out this annual operation mainly through data exchanges.

#Thus, the beneficiaries concerned, subject to this mode of life control and identified alive, at the end of the operation of the above-mentioned data exchanges, are exempt from any administrative procedure with the services of CDG #Prévoyance.

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#Beneficiaries not identified at the level of these exchanges, for their part, will be monitored through a range of dedicated digital services and tools, recently put in place by CDG #Prévoyance.

#Indeed, it is respectively the sending of personalized mail “E-Barkia” to the homes of the above-mentioned beneficiaries, the use of new digital solutions E-HTIYATI in this case: “#Sarout e-htiyati” or “#Selfie e-htiyati “…

RCAR beneficiaries wishing to check whether they are still concerned by these controls can do so through the website, life control section.

#For further information on this subject, our call centers are at your disposal at the following numbers:

  • RCAR: 0801 00 88 88
  • RECORE : 0801 00 00 17
  • DAAM AL ARAMIL: 0801 00 23 20
  • #Pensions and family mutual aid funds: 0801 00 15 17


The #Caisse de Dépôt et de #Gestion ensures, through CDG #Prévoyance, the administrative, technical and financial management of two organizations: CNRA and RCAR and consequently 148 billion dirhams of reserves corresponding to more than 20 pension plans and provident funds, characterized by great diversity in terms of population and type of service.

#In order to fulfill this mission, CDG #Prévoyance relies on a modern organizational platform, an agile IS, competent human resources and a good governance system to serve more than 1 million citizens.

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