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Facebook group laughs at “ugly” disabled babies

#Gina is a mother of two who is very active on social media. The young woman regularly shares pictures of #Elizabeth (2 years) and #Emile (9 months) on #Instagram, most of the time hiding their faces, and is followed by around 17,000 people. #Recently, she received messages warning her that photos of her toddlers had been shared on a #Facebook group called “#Neurchi [“chineur” en verlan, ndlr] ugly babies “. #She then discovers with horror that it is used to make fun of children considered ugly and, sometimes, disabled.

#An obnoxious #Facebook group that makes fun of babies

#To join the group, you had to complete the sentence “an ugly baby is above all …” by one of the following three propositions : “a shit face”, “a normal baby but with food or snot on the face”, “a baby who seems disabled”. #Disgusting. #Horrified by discovering this, #Gina alerted her community on #Instagram. “#Well, I am sending you this message as a preventive measure and above all because it is important to relay it, especially at this time”, indicates the young mother.

#She explains that this group aims to “mock” and D’“insulting babies on the netThere she discovered with horror that the members also had the annoying habit of making fun of children with disabilities, considered to be “ugly”… #Gina found messages from people sharing photos of disabled children in their families, babies they were babysitting, etc. #This young mother therefore invites parents to be careful about what they share about their children on social networks, because everything can be taken for malicious purposes. #She herself has decided to gradually hide the photos where we see the faces of #Elizabeth and #Emile and has filed a handrail against the person who stole her photos to share them on this group.

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##Facebook #group #laughs #ugly #disabled #babies

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