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Vaccination: Quebec changes strategy

#Based on the recommendation of the #National #Institute of #Public #Health that it is no longer necessary to keep the 2e dose in reserve, the #Department of #Health and #Social #Services announces that all vaccines will be used to immunize as many people as possible.

The objective of this measure is to accelerate the vaccination of vulnerable people, in the current context of the very high spread of COVID-19 in #Quebec.

#Note that the effectiveness of the first dose, 14 days after administration, is over 90% for both vaccines (#Pfizer and #Moderna). The second remains important, especially to ensure long-term protection. #It should be administered within the time limits prescribed by public health in order to ensure maximum immunization coverage. #Appointments for people already vaccinated to receive their 2e dose will be adjusted accordingly.

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#Initially, the #Pfizer company recommended that provincial governments keep half the doses in order to be able to administer this 2e dose. #Now, as deliveries are assured for the next few weeks, the #Pfizer company indicates that there is no longer any issue in using the set of doses, without keeping the 2e reserved.

#Note that #Quebec has received a total of 87,500 doses to date, ie 55,000 doses of the vaccine from #Pfizer-BioNTech and 32,500 of the vaccine from #Moderna.

#Remember that the six priority groups for vaccination are residents of residential and long-term care centers, workers in the health and social services network, people living in private seniors’ residences, residents of isolated communities. and remote, those aged 80 and over and those aged 70 to 79.

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