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Yes, doctors will receive a flat rate of 5.40 euros for any addition of patient to the “Covid vaccine” file

#Doses of the anti-Covid #Moderna vaccine. (illustration) – USA #Today #Network / #Sipa USA / SIPA

  • #Do doctors have a financial incentive to register patients vaccinated against the coronavirus in the new “Covid #Vaccine” file, aimed at monitoring the campaign launched on #Sunday?
  • #Internet users are surprised at the sight of a letter from #Health #Insurance indicating that any injection of the vaccine is paid 9.60 euros, in addition to the 5.40 euros paid for adding the patient to the database. .
  • The #National #Health #Insurance #Fund confirms the authenticity of this email to 20 #Minutes, while specifying the terms of this process.

#In addition to raising serious concerns about privacy and medical confidentiality, the decried “#Covid #Vaccine” file, compiling the personal data of people vaccinated against #Covid-19, will it financially encourage doctors to increase the number of injections ?

#This is what suggests a #Facebook post summarizing the content of a letter from the #Health #Insurance: “#In an email addressed to general practitioners, social security announces that it will pay a” premium “of 5.40 euros by injection. #To receive this flat rate, doctors must enter and validate the vaccination in the #Ameli software with the code “VAC”. “

“A payment for the seizure in” #Covid vaccine “is set up with a flat rate paid a posteriori for each seizure made. #This remuneration will be made once a month around the 15th of the month for seizures relating to the previous month ”, can we read in this message which accompanies the #Facebook post signed by the director of the #National #Health #Insurance #Fund, which specifies in addition that this “package” of 5.40 euros is added to the remuneration of 9.60 euros paid to doctors for the injection of the vaccine.


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#Contacted by 20 #Minutes, the #National #Health #Insurance #Fund (#Cnam) confirms the authenticity of the message relayed on #Facebook: “#An e-mail informing doctors of the terms of remuneration, including that provided when they fill in the information system” #Covid vaccine “was indeed sent to them on #December 28 and 29, 2020.”

#If the latter thus benefit from an additional remuneration of 5.40 euros for each entry of a vaccinated patient in this file, “whose supply by doctors is mandatory to ensure the smooth running and monitoring of the vaccination campaign”, it remains “without impact” on the amount paid by the patient. The consultation and injection prices are in fact covered 100% by #Health #Insurance.

«#This teleservice [Vaccin Covid] #Allows exhaustive recording of information on the pre-vaccination consultation and then on the vaccine injected (batch number of the vaccine used, dates of administration of the first and second dose, for the vaccines which will require it, etc. ). […] These data are only accessible to health professionals who are involved in the process of vaccinating a patient ”, specifies the CNAM.

#If the terms of the different packages set up for the vaccination provided by the doctors are not confidential, since they can be found in detail on the #Health #Insurance website, the remuneration obtained by the doctors during the injection however, marks a first compared to the usual vaccination campaigns.

“#In general, especially for influenza, the patient comes directly for a consultation with the dose of vaccine that he has recovered from the pharmacy thanks to his voucher – when he has not been directly vaccinated in a pharmacy, specifies to 20 #Minutes #Philippe #Vermesch, president of the #Syndicate of liberal doctors (SML). #But given that the #Covid-19 vaccine is a bit complicated to manage – due to the cold chain to be respected, in particular – this involves doing a pre-vaccination consultation, then obtaining the informed consent of the patient. , before being able to vaccinate him, to keep him for half an hour to monitor him and, finally, to enter this information in “#Covid vaccine” “.

“#It is legitimate to promote this additional work”

#He considers justified the package 5.40 euros paid for any additional entry in the file, given that this “takes time, with an average of 5 additional minutes per patient”. A feeling shared by the #Cnam: “It is legitimate to promote this additional work in the service of good monitoring of an unprecedented vaccination campaign. “

#This package is in any case a continuation of the consultation increase of 2 to 4 euros which had been considered – then abandoned – last spring in the event of reinforced monitoring of patients positive for #Covid-19.



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