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Watch out, the WhatsApp code scam is back for the New Year

#WhatsApp has become a very popular service over the years. #And like all very popular services, it is regularly the scene of all kinds of scams. #However, the #Spanish version of the ABC site reports this week the return of the code scam. A scam that could cost you access to your account.

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#At present, #WhatsApp has more than two billion active users across the world.

#Photo d’#Alfredo #Rivera – #Pixabay.com

#If the solution is very well established in #Europe, it is especially in emerging markets such as #India, #Africa and #Latin #America that it is most successful.

#WhatsApp regularly targeted by scammers

#Sensing the right thing, many malicious people take advantage of the enthusiasm of individuals for the service to disseminate phishing campaigns and scams of all kinds.

The code scam, for its part, returns at regular intervals. #And according to ABC, it seems that the #New #Years period is profitable for him. #Many #Spanish users have indeed been the victims and it would therefore not be surprising if #France is also targeted by this campaign in the hours or days to come.

A rather clever campaign that uses two-step authentication to gain access to our account.

#This famous scam can take different forms, but it always starts in the same way, with the reception of a security code by SMS. A code sent automatically by #WhatsApp when we set up our account on a new device.

The second phase is a little more deceitful. #It is also based on an SMS, but which is allegedly sent by someone we know or by the technical service of the application. #Here, everything depends on the version of the campaign, but the idea is the same each time: the message invites us to transmit the code received in the first SMS.

A simple, but effective technique

The rest, you know it. #Once the code is transmitted, the cybercriminal can identify himself with our account on his own phone… and we therefore lose our access. #From there, the hacker will be able to impersonate us and extract information from our contacts, but also extend his campaign to our entire address book.

#Despite its simplicity, the technique is effective. #And it becomes even more so as cybercriminals get their hands on additional accounts, since they can then impersonate themselves to their friends. Then it’s the snowball effect.

#Good news however, it is relatively easy to guard against this attack: you just have to ignore these SMS and activate the two-step authentication in order to be able to easily reset your account.

#More generally, if you want to secure access to your #WhatsApp account, then just go to this folder which lists 6 basic tips to apply.

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