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Coronavirus: 100 million cases, very high level of new contaminations


Europe and the United States remain the most affected by the coronavirus pandemic, which has killed more than 2,151,000 people worldwide.


More than 100 million cases of the new coronavirus have been officially identified worldwide since its appearance in China in December 2019, according to an AFP count on Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. GMT (10:30 p.m. in Switzerland).

In just over a year, the pandemic has killed 2’151’000 people, for 100’011,000 cases detected. While the vaccine race is on, but the appearance of multiple variants is causing concern, the number of new infections remains at a very high level.

10 million cases in two weeks

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After difficulties and delays in setting up screening policies for the new coronavirus during the first months of the pandemic, the summer of 2020 saw a period of relative stability in the number of cases detected worldwide. In July-August, around 250,000 people test positive every day on average.

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The arrival of the second wave, especially in Europe, caused the number of cases detected to soar. Over 300,000 per day in October, 500,000 in November, 600,000 in December, up to a maximum of over 740,000 daily cases worldwide in the second week of January.

Despite a recent slowdown (600,000 cases have been detected on average daily for the last seven days, down 12% from the previous week), more than 10 million new cases have been recorded worldwide since January 10 .

Europe and the United States, still the most affected

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The 52 countries and territories that make up the Europe region (including Russia and Turkey) have recorded more than 32 million cases, or nearly a third of total contaminations in the world and 710,600 deaths.

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The number of new infections has declined slightly over the past seven days, with 210,000 new cases per day on average, down 10% from the previous week.

After Europe, the regions with the most cumulative cases are the United States and Canada (26,142,600 cases, 443,000 deaths), Latin America and the Caribbean (18,313,600, 577’400) and Asia (14’981’700, 236’500).

Compared to the total population of these regions, the United States and Canada have the most infections, with more than 7% of the population of the two countries combined having tested positive for the new coronavirus for more than a year. Europe, second according to this indicator, has diagnosed infections in 3.8% of its inhabitants.


A number of countries already severely affected are seeing the pandemic progress further. Among them Spain (more than 256,000 cases in the last seven days, 14% more than the previous week), Mexico (122,000, + 13%) or France (143,000, + 12% ).

Portugal, despite the implementation of a new general containment ten days ago, is the country which has identified the most new cases in the world, reported to the population (849 cases per 100,000 inhabitants) last week.

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The total number of infections diagnosed in seven days, more than 86,000, is up 29% from the previous week.


Although still registering nearly 170,000 new cases per day on average, the United States has finally seen the number of new infections drop from one week to the next, by around 19%.

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The United Kingdom, where a more contagious variant of the coronavirus forced the establishment of “strict” containment in early January, also experienced a drop in the number of new cases, with 236,000 infections last week, i.e. 25% less than the previous week. However, the death toll continues to rise, with more than 8,600 dead in the past seven days, up 10%.

Among the other countries which are recording good news in terms of new infections, South Africa, which alone accounts for more than a third of the new cases recorded on the African continent, has seen its contaminations drop by nearly 30% in one week.

Finally, Ireland, which at the beginning of January was the country where the largest number of new cases were detected each day as a proportion of the population, is experiencing a spectacular slowdown in the epidemic, with a 37% decrease in new cases in two weeks. (less than 15,000, compared to more than 22,000 the previous seven days).


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