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Major investment fund suggests Intel to split operations

#Given the importance of its participation, #Intel of course responded to #Daniel #Loeb and his investment fund. The company states that it “ accepts input from all investors on how to improve shareholder investments “#And to specify having” looking forward to discussing their ideas with #Third #Point ».

#Wall #Street’s response was not long in coming, and #Intel shares rallied 5% on #Tuesday alone. The positions of such investors are likely to bend management, but at the moment it seems difficult to see #Intel change course, at least over the next two or three years especially in the tense environment that has dominated 2020.

#Officially, #Intel does not intend to sell production sites whose adaptability it praised a few days ago which led to the doubling of 10nm and 14nm productions in the space of three years. #In addition, the sale of its infrastructure poses several problems, firstly with that of the buyer or potential partner.

#In addition, as #Reuters explains, #Intel structures are entirely organized to meet its own design and manufacturing processes: they do not meet international industry standards followed by other companies. There would therefore be a necessary and important adaptation effort to be made.

#Finally, having your own production tools can have certain advantages, in particular when several competitors are launching products in high demand at the same time: it is not AMD and NVIDIA who will say the opposite.

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##Major #investment #fund #suggests ##Intel #split #operations


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