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The new strain of Covid is 50% more contagious according to an English study

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The new strain of coronavirus detected in #Great #Britain would indeed be much more contagious than the previous ones.

#We know a little more about the new strain of the coronavirus which is making so much talk about it in #Great #Britain. #According to a study by the NHS, the #British health service, this new strain is around 50% more contagious than the others. #In figures, this means that people with this variant of the virus infect an average of 15.1% of their contacts, compared to 9.8% in the old variants.

“The evidence is there, and the situation is very worrying”, responded the epidemiologist and biostatistician #Zoë #Hyde of the #University of #Western #Australia. “The viral load of infected people is higher and it seems about 50% more transmissible”. #Fortunately, the infected do not seem to be affected by a more acute form of the disease, according to this #British study. “#But a greater number of cases resulted in a higher mortality”, warns the epidemiologist all the same.

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There remains the question of children, which was of great concern at the time of the discovery of the new strain. #Contrary to what we initially believed, young people would not be more sensitive to this variant of the coronavirus. “#As the new variant is more contagious, we can also assume that there will be more infections in schools”, points out however #Zoë #Hyde.

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