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Hearing aids without charge, it’s now!

#From #January 1, 2021, you will be able to have a hearing aid without spending a penny, thanks to the “100% health” reform, the last part of which finally comes into force.

#Zero remains chargeable, a reform that does not date from yesterday

#It was an electoral promise from #Emmanuel #Macron: to allow every #French person who needs it to equip themselves with glasses, hearing aids and dental prostheses without having to pay anything out of their pocket. #As of #January 1, 2021, this promise will be fully operational.

#This reform, to which the new team from the #Ministry of #Health began as soon as it took office, was put in place in three stages. #After a first step in 2019 (creation of a basket of equipment at moderate cost) then a second in 2020 (full coverage of glasses, crowns and bridges in the “100% health” basket), #January 1, 2020 it is the turn of hearing aids to be fully covered.

The prices of hearing aids in the “100% health” basket are capped at 950 euros

#With regard to hearing aids in particular, their selling price was first reduced by 200 euros on average on #January 1, 2019, then by an additional 250 euros on #January 1, 2020. #Thus, from #January 1, 2021, the selling prices hearing aids in the “100% health basket” may not exceed 950 euros compared to 1,100 euros in 2020.

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#Health insurance coverage will drop from 210 euros to 240 euros. #Mutuals, for their part, will have to reimburse everything else, up to 710 euros.

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